Solopreneurs have to wear a lot of hats, manage a plethora of moving parts, and organize a LOT. And they do it because they love it - they are passionate about their businesses, and work hard for their goals.  Unfortunately, overwhelm from wearing so many hats paired with the day-to-day operations leaves them struggling to prioritize what matters most.


Parts of their business are getting neglected, so even though they are working a ton, they aren’t growing which causes a lack of motivation and often, a desire to quit because they can’t “figure it out”. 


Often this leads to them turning to productivity hacks in order to get it all done but a focus on productivity is actually a move in the wrong direction. Instead of trying to get more done, we need to learn to be content with what we can get done in the time we have. The best way to do that? Focus on balance.


  • Uncover why productivity hacks are leaving you feeling guilty and burnt out.

  • Learn the 1 thing you should focus on to avoid neglecting parts of your life and business.

  • Learn how to finally create a schedule that will allow you to stop spinning your wheels and neglecting parts of your life and business.