Creating Content Taking Forever?

This audio training covers 8 ways you can create content more quickly without sacrificing quality. Because consistency is key when it comes to content creation, but its's hard to come by when the actual creation of the content takes ages.

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And who am I? Hi! I'm Amanda Warfield!

Simplicity lover, time management and business strategist, and host of the Chasing Simple Podcast — my mission is to help you simplify your life and take back your time.


After running a business that was running me ragged, I was fed up. I'd created my own business so that I would have the freedom to spend more time with my husband, but I was spending all of my time working instead. All of the productivity skills in the world weren't helping me have more freedom — they were just helping me do more. 


I started to implement simple living practices into my business, and finally felt like I could breathe again. Ever since, I've been dedicated to helping other overwhelmed creatives simplify and organize their business and schedule in a way that will grant them the same freedom.

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